Lifestyle Photo Shoots Los Angeles

Rates & Booking

All sessions below include:

• Around 40-60 photos created per look
• Get an online proof gallery for retouch selections
• Retouching done for your select photo(s)
• Get all photos, including the extra ones not retouched, via a download link

Full details on what’s included, caveats, etc., per session are provided on the booking page.

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Studio Shoot
• 2 Looks, 2 Retouches
• 1 Hour Session

Glendale Area Shoot
• 4 Looks, 4 Retouches
• 2 Hour Session

Burbank Area Shoot
• 4 Looks, 4 Retouches
• 2 Hour Session

Pasadena Area Shoot
• 4 Looks, 4 Retouches
• 2 Hour Session

Los Angeles Area Shoot
• 4 Looks, 4 Retouches
• 2 Hour Session

The Light Committee primarily focuses on photographing individuals one-on-one. In most cases this consists of actor headshots and corporate headshots. However, it also means lifestyle shoots as there are many scenarios ideal for one-on-one photography.

Business Lifestyle Photo Shoots

This is another type of commercial photo used for marketing purposes. However, while a headshot is centered around promoting the individual, a lifestyle shot of that individual is centered more around selling that person’s services, goods, experience, and so on.

One clear example might be a chef, where his or her headshot might be on the “about” section of a restaurant whereas a lifestyle photo of that chef cooking something in the kitchen might be on the “our story” page. In this way, such a photo can convey that the chef is a capable cook, restauranter, and so on. The same can be said about almost any profession: an accountant at their computer, a doctor in their patient room, a lawyer in their conference room, a real estate agent in front of a home, and so on.

So, a lifestyle photo shoot for such purposes can very much be about the location to drive home a desired branding element. And there are plenty of possibilities in Los Angeles. But it can also be in-studio and just about wardrobes and props that help with creating a marketing position.

Graduation Portraits

Seniors in high school or college often want photos of themselves in their cap and gown or in a studio or location to remember the memories, or for their parents to do so. Many people are fine with the standard yearbook or other school picture. But for many, that is not high quality enough.

So, The Light Committee offers graduation photo shoots for high schoolers and college graduates. A common request is to have some studio shots in their cap and gown and then in a regular outfit too and then to have some more photos of themselves outdoors, sometimes in nature settings.

The nearby Glendale area, as well as Los Angeles at large, provides for plenty of nature-like and cityscape settings to do outdoors photo shoots.

Dating Profile Photos

Having professional photos for your dating profile is increasingly advised. There are many researched reasons why they are important for anyone using dating apps. Dating profile photos can consist of many photos.

In most cases, at least one headshot is preferred and so is one full body shot. These can be done in a studio ideally but also outdoors. In addition to these, lifestyle style shots can help showcase your style. This can be photos in your favorite outfits or doing your favorite things. But they can also be simpler than this while still expressing you care about quality. For example, it can be photos of yourself walking through a park or hanging out in a cityscape setting around Los Angeles.

Social Media Photo Shoots

Social media accounts are increasingly important to come across professional and that means with higher quality photos. With most of the world settling for using their basic smartphone cameras, a professional photo shoot can create content that clearly stands apart.

This is not just important for quality marketing but also because those looking to partner with you are more and more checking out your social media to see how you come across. For actors, this is casting directors and talent agents. For businesspeople it is headhunters or potential employers.

Other Lifestyle Photo Shoots

There are other professionals that often turn to lifestyle photo shoots. Musicians can use it for their marketing. Authors can use them for their “about the author” section. Models clearly know how they can use lifestyle photo shoots in their portfolio.

Then there are fitness consultants and pretty much any type of other consultant. If you have an idea for a lifestyle photo shoot not covered here, The Light Committee can probably help. Contact the studio to ask about it.

What to Expect in a Lifestyle Photo Shoot

First, you will book a lifestyle photo shoot with The Light Committee from the BOOK NOW button on this page. There is one session that is in-studio while all the others are on-location, typically outdoors somewhere. This can be in Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, or Los Angeles at large.

If the shoot is outdoors, you will be contacted to setup and agree upon a meeting location. At this time it will be ideal to also begin the collaboration process about what you are after in the photo shoot. Typically, this means informing The Light Committee about your profession and how you plan to use the photos.

You will receive confirmations for the booking and reminders too. Once the photo shoot is done, an online gallery will be created where you will select a set number of photos for retouching. This proof gallery typically reaches you by email around a couple of business days after the shoot.

Once you make your selections, a download link will be provided for the photos. You get all of the photos, including those not retouched. For the ones not retouched, they are JPEG files of approximately 2,000 DPI size, long edge. For the retouched ones you also get this JPEG size but also print-quality versions of 3,000 DPI size, long edge. Note these details are subject to change without notice. The most current information on file types and sizes is available on the booking page.

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