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Professional Headshots Los Angeles

The Light Committee strives to provide the best headshots and photo experience for Los Angeles area professionals, whether for an actor, attorney / lawyer, doctor, finance executive, a model, real estate agent, medical residency applicant, or any other profession and individual that understands the importance of a good headshot as a self-marketing asset.

The Light Committee is located in Montrose, a northern suburb of Glendale, CA. Glendale is a city located just north of Los Angeles. It is a 15 minute drive from most central locations when there is no traffic.

Actor Headshots in Los Angeles

If you are attempting to take the path that famous actors and celebrities have taken, in their past you are likely to find old but good actor headshots they had made. Getting actor headshots – and good ones – are well-known in the industry as being very important to the process of getting cast, and any good agent or actor manager will tell you getting the best actor headshots is one of the first steps you need to take.

Professional headshot tips to ensuring you get good actor headshots of course include validating your photographer’s capabilities. You could just look for actor headshots near you. But that will be limiting, and you do not want to limit yourself when it comes to getting the best actor headshots in Los Angeles. Go online and read reviews. See the photographer’s actor headshot portfolio – any good photographer should have large photos of their work to see on a website on a large screen and not on Instagram on your phone, etc. Verify they have a studio. If they do not, verify where they plan to shoot. Ask them what equipment they shoot with – to make sure it is at least a full frame sensor DSLR.

See some examples now of some of the best actor headshots. There are many things to consider for actor headshots. The crop size is usually 8×10 as printing may sometimes still be requested. This crop allows for a good close-up too. You also need to consider what to wear. This can be reduced to what top, jewelry, and makeup you might wear.

For your top, keep it simple. Solid colors are best. You should also avoid logos and other distractions such as lines, wrinkles, and so forth. The goal for actors is to keep the focus on your face and not your wardrobe and accessories. Keep makeup light, or at least to the same amount you would wear to a casting. Same thing goes for jewelry. In most cases, try to limit it or eliminate it. You’ll need good shots to post to popular online profiles like Actor’s Access or Backstage.

Corporate Headshots in Los Angeles

A business headshot in Los Angeles is an important marketing tool for any professional. The quality of corporate headshot photography is also very important for business organizations. In many cases, management teams will have a photograph done for the website. But, even if you do not do this for the company website, you should have one for your own use, like on LinkedIn.

There are many reasons why a professional profile photo on LinkedIn is a must.

A good business portrait of you says a lot of things. First, it says you care about yourself appearing professional in every way. It also expresses self-confidence. This is important because self-confidence is a key character trait many employers desire. Besides, studies also show the importance of your LinkedIn profile photo. So, make it a good one – you are likely being judged by it alone.

Just about every profession can benefit from having business headshots done to use in their business. But there are many professions where it is quite clear you should have one. Often, this is because these professions advertise the person behind the business.

This can include, but certainly is not limited to, accountants and other financial advisors, doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, salespeople, senior management at a company, and so on. As for men or women’s professional headshots, there is no difference as to the need or benefit.

Corporate headshots are nowadays almost always in color. In fact, professional photos for just about any business use nowadays is in color. There are some rare occasions when corporate teams opt to use black and white headshots, such as for specific branding purposes.

Also, the typical crop remains the 4×5 ratio, for an 8×10” print. There are many online profiles that use circular crops, making just your head visible. So, getting light retouching can be a good idea.

Yes, getting the photos retouched is perfectly okay and a corporate photographer can help with this. Generally, a photographer might want to just focus on certain things that are not necessarily part of your essence. For example, red eye, stray hair, some acne – these things tend to go away or change with brief time. But, things like moles or scars generally do not and you might want to consider not having those things retouched out of the photo.

Head shots for executives are often also tightly cropped at around the upper chest. But there is more flexibility in this compared to acting or modeling photos. Some executive portraits can be from around the belly button up. So, the background can come more into play. For this reason, some people opt for city headshots, or shots outdoors. But studio shots usually provide a more sophisticated appearance.

As for what to wear for a corporate shot, it is often a good idea to wear what you might for an important client meeting. In addition, keeping things simple is good. If it is a suit, try for solid colors and remember or consider the background. If you opt for a gray suit and want a gray background, is there going to be enough contrast for you?

You can also opt for a blue background with a gray suit. These are classic color schemes in the business world. You are not necessarily tied to them. You might decide to wear colors and use backgrounds that match your business color palette.

Remember that quality will matter with the photography you use in business. It can be a direct reflection of the quality you put into your business. So, be sure to get really good quality photos to use.

If you are leading an effort to shoot a corporate team, you might want to first meet with your photographer to discuss it. You can meet at your office or their studio. Or you can take advantage of the opportunity and meet for lunch at popular places like Lawry’s Restaurant, Philippe the Original, Spago, and so on.

Getting Modeling Digitals in LA

Like actors, models must have great photos of themselves. It is arguably their most important tool to get noticed for modeling shoots. So, finding some of the best modeling portfolio photographers to work with is important.

There are a lot of things for models to consider to get the best modeling digitals in Los Angeles. Obviously, it is important to go over a photographer’s portfolio, but it is also important to speak with the photographer about the photos you want. This usually needs to include a beauty or natural head shot alongside a full body shot. But many models also might need half body and three-quarter body shots to round out their modeling digitals, AK model book or comp card.

In addition to the shots to submit to modeling agencies, many models also want extra shots they can use for actress headshots – same thing for men. In addition, lifestyle headshots – or environmental portraits – can also be good to have in a portfolio. Models often have a lot of photos in their portfolio, which is unlike actors who are more often advised to limit how many photos they have.

It is important to ask the specific agencies you are trying to submit to what photos are best. Though they are usually similar across the board, they can vary a bit from agency to agency. There are many modeling agencies but some of the more common ones that have come up with The Light Committee include Bella Agency, Ford Models, LA Model Management, and Wilhelmina.

When you decided to get professional photos made, usually with a photo studio, you are going to likely decide whether to do studio or natural light outdoors shots. Both are good options, but studio shots overall have a higher quality – generally speaking. If you work with a studio that uses premium gear, the difference between studio and natural light photos becomes more obvious. The quality of the lighting and camera gear that are used play an important role but so does the knowledge of the photographer using them.

If you opt for natural light, there are many places in the Los Angeles area to shoot at. Because of its architecture, one such location that comes up is the Walt Disney Concert Hall used by the LA Phil. However, doing photo shoots on the property typically requires permission. Another popular landmark is the TCL Chinese Theatres but, it too is private property and can get busy with people, making it near impossible to use lighting. Finally, Los Angeles’ iconic Santa Monica Pier is often thought of as well.

It is important to remember that, whatever location you opt for, the focus of the photos is about you and not where you are. Thus, in most cases, the photos will show very little of your location and often a photographer may opt to even make the background blurred out, so the focus does stay on you.

As for what to wear, for the close-up, keep it simple. Solid colored tops are best too. For full body shots, some agencies require swimsuit shots. So, verify this. Otherwise, wear clothes that are not too loose so your body type and look easily comes through. Again, simple clothes with basic colors are ideal Also, be sure to not wear a lot of makeup. Again, for models, many agencies want to see your natural look, at least for your primary shots. But do not be afraid to go all out thereafter with any extra portfolio shots.

Graduation Portraits, Dating Profile Photos, Business Lifestyle Photo Shoots

The Light Committee also does other one-on-one photo shoots that include senior portraits or graduation portraits. Also, the studio does online dating profile photos and business lifestyle photo shoots. There are several options for senior or grad portraits, including a studio-only session where you can get a grad portrait and business headshot to help get you started in your career. There are also many location shoot options in Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, and Los Angeles. For social media profiles, the Glendale session is typically recommended. It allows for a mix of studio and outdoors photos to create a high-quality looking profile. For business lifestyle photo shoots, these are often for professionals that would like to showcase how or where they work. So, it might be a chef in their kitchen, a real estate agent in front of a house just sold, a financial executive at their desk, a doctor in their patient room, and so on.

The Light Committee

Work with your photographer to collaborate on using a studio and professional studio lighting or outdoors / natural light. A studio will provide more polished results. This is due to many reasons – too many to go over here. However, the main reason includes the ability to control lighting. With the sun you are at the mercy of wherever it will be, come appointment time. It could also be too sunny, rainy, windy, and so on.

You might also be limited in locations. Depending on where you are, shadows might be favorable or not. You might have to deal with color-casting too. The City of Angels has some iconic locations, such as LACMA and Griffith Observatory, but many of them have restrictions on photography. You can also opt for areas like the NoHo Arts District, Glendale, Pasadena, Venice Beach, and so on. A studio eliminates these obstacles.

In addition, a good photographer can use professional high-quality studio lighting to create desired effects. This can include very soft and bright lighting for a commercial look and darker more shadowy lighting for theatrical looks.

Of course, if your budget allows it, spring for both studio and natural light shots. Remember that you should probably have a good handful of photos – not too few and not too many. With too little, you might not make enough of an impression. With too many, you might cause confusion.

Another good reason to have many shots done is so you can rotate them out and see which ones work better. Just because you did a good job in choosing a photographer does not automatically make the photos you post be the one that casting directors are drawn too. You might like your smile that day but do they. It is about what they like. You might need to keep trying different looks – even get new photos – to see which ones get more attention.

Finally, acting headshots do not have to be expensive. One chief complaint is that many photographers want hundreds of dollars – a rare few even ask for thousands. Shop around and find good rates.

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles area is world-famous, primarily for Hollywood movie pop-culture influence on the rest of the world but also for its music scene. It is arguably a city like no other. People flock to it for these reasons, and for the weather that so many people like.

Nearly 20 million people live in the greater metro area, made up of many demographics. As of the 2010 census, this includes a population that is approximately 55 percent White (39.0 percent White Non-Hispanic), around 12 percent Asian, seven percent African American, and 20 percent from other races. Of this, around 45 percent of the population were Hispanic of any race, primarily of Mexican origin.

This diverse mix of culture is often what Angelenos say is its best strength. It certainly comes out in many of the dining options that exist around the Los Angeles area. While this is all subjective, checking it out for yourself will certainly not disappoint. For example, one thing travelling many travelling Angelenos will argue is that no one does burgers or Chinese food like the Los Angeles area.

Then there are iconic places that anyone coming to Los Angeles must try. The city can easily lay claim to inventing the French Dip sandwich, which is worth trying at Philippe’s. Then there is the Mediterranean food, the Thai food, and much more. Los Angeles is also very close to many organic and other farms that provide produce to most of the country.

These elements help contribute to make Los Angeles a city filled with outsiders that come here for its unrivaled creative talent. So, getting good photography in this city should not be a difficult task. However, it does require a bit of homework to make sure you find a talented photographer that is also affordable. With a bit of effort, like finding great things to do or eat in LA, getting great head shots in Los Angeles can be a great experience.

Locations Within Los Angeles
Here are bit more insights on some locations within Los Angeles, starting with North Hollywood. This area, also known just as NoHo is in the San Fernando Valley, just North of the 101 freeway and West of the 170 freeway. It is known for its theatres and Arts District. It also has one of few Metro subway stations found throughout Los Angeles.

Burbank is also a very well-known place, billing itself as the media capital of the world. Not many can argue given the many major studios there, like Walt Disney, Warner Bros, and more. Burbank also happens to be just East of North Hollywood. The city is also home to one of few airports in the county. This city also has a rich history in the aviation industry.

Pasadena is yet another famous city, primarily because of the Rose Bowl, the annual college football games there, and because of the Tournament of Roses Parade. It is also home to Caltech and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is very nearby. Pasadena has the 210 freeway running through out.

Hollywood is world-famous as the name is commonly used to refer to the film industry and rightly so as many studios were founded in the city. It is also known for its famous sidewalks, the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Other famous or well-known cities in Los Angeles county include Santa Monica, known for its pier. There is also Beverly Hills, known for its wealth-oriented lifestyle and where many people believe famous actors live. There is also Malibu, the popular and expensive beach community. These cities make Los Angeles a very popular tourist destination. They also call to residents of other places seeking promises of greater wealth to just greater weather. Collectively, they make Los Angeles highly unique. One can move through any of these locations and have very different experiences, creating many micro-cultures within one of the world’s largest melting pots that is Los Angeles.

The Light Committee is in Montrose, one of many charming locations in the city of Angels.